WE ARE AN AGENCY THAT PRACTICES AGILE DEVELOPMENT TO BUILD YOUR SERVICE Our main goals are to engage you in a partnership, built on trust and respect, and to work together as a team. Transparency, flexibility and product quality are the key attributes we seek to deliver. We have carefully designed our collaborative processes around test-driven development, strict unit tests, rigorous peer reviews and QA testing.


(1) Initial analysis

Problem analysis (based client interviews with detailed description of needs and requirements)

(2) Project analysis

Our team will provide you with a step by step process of achieving your goals and within an estimated timeline.

(3) IMPLEMENTATION Transition to Full Service

We use Scrum or lean methodologies. We ensure the quality of your project so that it will be easy to maintain over the long-term.
We use Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) focused on integration testing – outside-in approach. We use GIT repository and own CI server. Every change is reviewed by an additional experienced developer.

(4) Maintenance and service

We provide professional maintenance and service. We focus on bugs fixing, modifying, upgrading and refactoring.